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Was there any doubt? This week SNSD were up against rookie group CNBlue and JYP group 2AM. Their competitors earned 10,588 points (CNBlue) and 12,144 points (2AM). while our girls ranked at 23,077 points, making it another all new record! CONGRATS SOSHIGIRLS <3!!! I knew you girls would win! I can defintely foresee the wins for another week or two since album sales and digital sales is super high, but I really hope they make it to atleast 5 weeks! I’m a little doubtful of 9 wins since competition is reported to be very high, but 9 wins or not I’m already proud of them! 

Waiting Room Interview:



Wow, I think after seeing them wear the same outfits for two weeks, these outfits is refreshing new! They aren’t my fav, but they are definitely good eye candy one in a while! I was surprised to see them not perform ‘Show! Show! Show!’ I was looking foward to it, grr! It’s weird because normally artists do two comeback perfs at EACH show, even if Mubank is one week later… maybe MuBank was jampacked this week, thats why.

Lots of Sicascreams this week again, hmmmmm I sense individual member popularity shift (again)? At the end when you could hear all the fanchants ❤ that was really awesome. Performance wise, I’m a bit disappointed Seemed like a few of them are tired… already. I mean it’s only the beginning of promotions… Tae seemed sick. She was smiling and all but you could tell she wasn’t feeling it :(. Hopefully she and the rest of the girl get a better rest tonight and excel at mucore and inkigayo!

And note, Fany’s hair colour looks alright today Did they dye it lighter?

Or could it be Seobaby had a performance? Seobaby performed w/TRAX, “Let Yo Go

The performance was okay for me…. I wish Seobaby got to sing. I’m really happy to see TRAX back though! It shows that SM does give second chances! I know a lot of you out there are rooting for CSJH to come back. I was never a fan of them but I’m sure with TRAX returning, it’ll give the rest of y’all some hope!

Video Credits: (the awesome) Prot0515 @ youtube