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On her recent Chin Chin radio broadcast, Taeyeon couldn’t stop laughing when she was reading a message from her listener. The thing is, the listener’s message was aksing for encouragement because the listener’s brother yet again failed his test even though he had studied for 2 years. *Gasp* How dare you laugh at someone else’s misfortune Taengoo?! — Easy folk, it’s just this one notorious SM-artists-hater reporter, Cho Hyunwoo, who trying to make yet another shit-stirring article.

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Yes, Taeyeon literally LOL-ed and then apologized for several times between her laugh. And of course, she’s NOT laughing at the listener message. So apparently, she was laughing at a typo on the script. You know how those message sender will get free stuff from ChinChin? This time the listener, Taengoo read, will get a free ‘coffee voucher (커피 교환권)‘ but then she was laughing because what’s written on her script is ‘nosebleed voucher (코피 교환권)’. Oh God, really, I wouldn’t blame her for laughing out loud like that XD Not to mention the fact that SNSD girls are so easily amused.

I’m glad that beside that anti-SM reporter, most of people don’t buy this bs. Well yes, she was laughing, and she kept on asking for apologize. K-S♥nes and Chin Chin listeners are supporting our Taengoo by trying to give netizens explanation and video evidence to prove that it wasn’t as bad as the article said. The reliable samchon fans (uncle fans) are questioning Cho Hyunwoo (the reporter), and it turned out that the reporter didn’t even listen to the broadcast session (way to go Samchon fans!). While in the same time, the original article itself got so many thumbs down — you can see the fail article >>here<<

There’s also new article come out, explaining the whole ‘nosebleed voucher’ deal.  LOL at the nosebleed voucher… I wonder if the “voucher” looks something like this:

nosebleed voucher

Ha! Sorry.*I am lame and fail so bad*

Anyway, do you guys know how epic Taengoo’s laugh is?! If you don’t, you guys should download the epic 9-minutes audio compilation of Taeyeon’s laughs >>here<< Seriously that ‘Taengoo Laughing Project” is always work to lift up my mood 😀