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A friend linked me to bunch of interesting threads on Soshified. The threads starter, chikopae, made a deep analysis about how each SNSD members means for the group, and how the group means for each one of them. These posts are very well-written, and long — but definitely worth to read. So I thought I’ll link the threads here for you guys to read (:


So far he only made those of Jessica, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, and Seohyun. Oh, there’s a lil bit about Taeyeon and her leadership issue (the infamous ‘Strong Heart’ statement) too.

>>HYOYEON : Resiliency<<

>>JESSICA : Why she fascinates<<

>>SEOHYUN : What she means for SoShi<<

>>TIFFANY : Understanding Tiffany<<

>>TAEYEON and the leadership<<

PS: I’ve asked him whether he’ll make more threads for the the rest of the girls, and he said he’s working on it. 🙂