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Crowned as 2009 best groups, So Nyuh Shi Dae and 2PM will have a joint stage on year-end MBC Gayo Daejun. The show will be broadcasted live at 9.55 PM on 31st December.  See, it will be on 9.55 PM! It’s time for 9PM a.k.a Hottest Generation, you guys!

I know how we’ve been disappointed with all the so-called “joint-stages” on previous shows… but this one seems legit as it even has storyline *gasp!* The main character of the story will be 2PM’s Taecyeon and SNSD’s Yoona.


o wai hello dere ms. baby-teeth and mr. big-teeth!

According to allkpop the story goes like this, “Taecyeon and Yoona have been dating secretly, they get in a fight over a small misunderstanding and Yoona starts to dodge Taecyeon’s calls. SNSD tries to cheer Yoona up so they escape their dorm to have some fun, but during their night out, they run into 2PM. And of course, they make up after the members help them out and they all live happily ever after.”

That sounds… interesting. I can’t wait to watch the performance~ Oh well, who am I kidding? I would care less for the storyline as long as my two favorite groups are having another collaboration! After the epic that is SNSD guesting on 2PM’s Idol Army and the cute uniform ad they did together, now they’ll finally perform together on a joint-stage. I am totally excited. :]

It’s reported that both group have been practicing hard, with sleepless nights *giggle* for this performance. Haha I guess this is pretty much explain why Taeyeon and Yuri did some 2PM’s Heartbeat references on their recent Gee performance (or was it rehearsal?) on MuBank last Friday.

Yuri did Junho‘s puppet move as seen in Heartbeat choreography.
cr: MyHappyVirus

While Taeyeon did Taecyeon’s heartbeat gesture

cr: SSYY02

She also did that on ChinChin quite sometimes ago.

cr: sosizwonderbang

As a complementary, here’s the boys doing Gee on their show, Wild Bunny.
I miss the Leadja! :/

As I told you before, I’m totally excited for this 9PM collaboration. Too bad it’s another story with a lot of 2PM’s fans, Hottest. A lot of them certainly don’t like the idea and start bashing our girls.  ¬_¬

Don’t they know that 2PM boys and SoShi girls are quite tight with each other? Tiffany once mentioned how she and Yoong went to eat together with Taecyeon. Sooyoung always says that she’s a fans of 2PM. And you know how Junsu has been mentioning Hyoyeon’s and Tiffany’s name on his thank you notes. Sunny said she wants Taecyeon(‘s sock, that is) on Invincible Youth.  Oh, and it was revealed that Taec’s ideal girl is Yuri (oh lol, too bad he got paired with Yuri’s other half in this one =P). Wasn’t Nichkhun said his ideal girl is Yoona? Above all, don’t they see the cute of 9PM (also captioned as Hobo Idols) in Idol Army? I wonder why it’s always SNSD whom fan-girls get jealous on. Sigh.

However, I’m glad that S♥ne are all cool, if not as excited as I am, about this collaboration. Well, it’s not everyday we’ll get to see our girls perform with non-SM boyband, right? 😀