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Do you know how Seobaby tends to have her face covered by captions? Okay… you might already know this because this is kind of old. But I we need some laugh after the recent unnecessary drama created by antis, don’t we? I’m sorry Juhyunie, I love you (I really do!), but this is too funny to be not laughed at :S

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LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Poor baby… I remember seeing a thread about this on SSF sometimes before. This poor kid has serious bad luck with her positioning. D:

Sigh. I feel bad for laughing at her. I’m such a fail unnie-fan. 😦
Why would you cover such a gorgeous face anyway? Alright now, to compensate my fail, it’s time for Seohyun picture spam!

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seo-itnw seo-ohboybaseball
seo-gee seo-genie
seo-tmyw seo-baseball
seo-jackson seo-hmf