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Our nine amajjing girls of SNSD swept six (SIX!) awards on the long-awaited 1st Melon Music Awards; including two of the biggest awards, 2009 Artist and 2009 Song. The girls also performed four (FOUR!) songs in this awards show. Seriously, they dominate tonight Melon Awards it’s not even funny (they even on Trending Topic list on Twitter for this LOL). And, no, I am not complaining though. 😀



The girls won Top 10, Odyssey Award, Smart Radio, Mobile Music,  2009 Artist, and 2009 Song Award. Congrats for the awardsss girls!

Four out of six awards they got are basically for their mega-hit song, Gee. It’s no brainer, really. ‘Gee’ is undoubtedly a mega hit in Korea so all those awards they got are very well-deserved. I mean, this ‘Gee’ is the song which successfully helped SNSD to go from being prolly the most hated group in K-pop fandom into being one of the most loved ones. Though, after tonight it seems like the girls got all the hate again for winning almost half of all the awards given. Well come on now, I don’t think there’s a way you can argue that both SNSD and Gee deserve the recognitions!

Speaking of Gee, the nine girls of SNSD performed this song along with Genie dance remix (with a new-but-not-really-unseen-before intro), Chocolate Love (in the so-called girl groups joint stage) and Girls’ Generation (as a part of tribute to the original singer, Lee Seung-chul).

The girls’ first performance of the night was Chocolate Love. It was a part of the so-called 2NE1, KARA, BEG, and SNSD joint stages. Oh really, Melon, you call that joint stage?! Ugh. Anyway. The outfits were hot, but I’m not sure if I love those. It’s obvious that they lipsynced for this performance (it’s obvious as the girls are pretty much terrible at doing lipsync). Oh, they had ~backdancers~ too.

Sometimes later, they back on the stage performing Tell  Me Your Wish (Genie) with a dance intro. But why does the choreography is oh-so -familiar? Circus is that you?

After that Hyoyeon and Yuri hot dance break, Tiffany didn’t say “DJ, put it back on” line but instead she said “Uh uh, listen boy”. So here we go the the winning song Gee. Haha I like the transition!

It was reported that there’ll be a ‘Tribute to Lee Seung-chul’ special stages. Of course the girls, being the So Nyuh Shi Dae that they are, had to be a part of this tribute. They performed Lee Seung-chul’s 1989 hit song, So Nyuh Shi Dae (Girls’ Generation). Ah, it’s been awhile since the last time we saw the girls performing this song. Too bad Jessica had a mic problem in this performance ;_____;


Now it’s time for the awards videos! They won 6 out of 14 awards given on the show. Talk about crazy. Each girl even has their time to give out winning speech LOL. For most of the awards, the criteria are 80% album sales, digital chart, digital download, and airplay; and the  20%  is from fan votes.

Their first award of the night, Top 10 Awards. There’s 10 winners for this awards; the other 9 are KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, Super Junior, G-Dragon, 2NE1, K.Will, Davichi, 2PM, and 8eight.

The second award of the night was SMART Radio, which is an award for the song which has the most airplay on radio… I think. I’m not even sure. But apparently it’s one of the three awards that 100% based on Korean netizens votes (The rest two, 2009 Star and 2009 Mania, were won by DBSK, btw).

Then they won the Odyssey Award. This is an award for longest #1 in Melon Digital Music Charts. Of course ‘Gee’ would so win this, right? LOL Hyoyeon was so cute giving the acceptance speech. Yes, Hyo, right now it’s Girls’ Generation indeed!

So… I failed to find any videos for their Mobile Music and 2009 Artist. I don’t thnk anybody upload the vids to YT yet. I was live-streaming the show though, so I can assure you that SNSD did won those awards lol. Oh by the way, shout out to greeen_tee and alliesundance for giving us (who were in the chatroll) working links for the live streaming! Thanks guys! 😀

And here’s the video of them winning 2009 Song a.k.a Best Song of the Year.

They look so freakin happy aren’t they? 😀 It’s cute how they high-fiving the staff~ They got quite emotional on the winning speech, as they didn’t expect to won that many of awards. LOL @ Hyo who still holding one of their other award during the speech XD

[UPDATE so I found a complete winning speech cuts! Hahaha I knew there was JeTi hugging during the 2009 Artist speech! Oh, there’s YoonYul tooon this winning speech~ Yuri was cut off when she was about to said something, so instead she said “Yoona, saranghae”.. I think. 😀 Anyway, watch the whole video for the Mobile Music and 2009 Artist awards below]

I honestly didn’t expect the girls to win a lot either, but bias aside I do think that SNSD totally deserve all the awards they won tonight. For the 39543289179 time, I’d like to say that I’m so proud of them! Congrats girls!

Whoa. Long post is long. So I’ll just end this post with two more pictures~

Red Carpet

Red Carpet - 2009 Melon Music Awards

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