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It’s officially out! And Is ay “oficially” because turns out >>this<< was leaked and it was taken down everywhere.

So here it is… and it’s subbed! I’m pretty sure this video is allowed to be up and everywhere now so I’m pretty sure we’re safe.

For those of you questioning my title choice, you’re probablly wondering why I chose a title more related to Secret than to SNSD. Well that’s because new and rising quartet, Secret, also released a song about Seoul. Check it out!

I know, it sounds kinda funny, but this song is actually a rendition of their first single, I Want You Back.

Song is great and the girls are great! Some of you may already know Sunhwa from KBS‘s Invincible Youth, but the other girls (Hyosung, Ji Eun, Zinger/Ginger) are really great and talented too. Let me show you :p

I really like this group because their music is different. Talks about wanting someone back, not just loving someone, and admitting mistakes. How many (girl groups) sing about that? Then their song talkign about how long and hard they’ve worked to get to where they are? I love a lot of music, but it’s not to listen to something that’s not so generic, ya know? Anyway, I’ll publicly say it here and now… but I think I’ve found my KARA1 replacement. I mean, I’m liking KARA2 a lil more now, but… Secret’s the new it thing.

I’ll admit, I didn’t want to get into Secret. There were just too many disappointing girl groups and comebacks one after the other (Rainbow, HAM, Eff of Ex and T-ara‘s comeback song (meh i’m slowly getting used to it i guess but where are the voices?!), so I decided to hell with Secret. Then Invicible Youth… damn that show, it got me curious about the other girl groups more and more (I thought I was done with 4MINUTE…but I liked Hyunah all over again, and then Hara is too freaking cute…). So when I heard Secret’s song and got that old school vibe, the same way KARA1 gave me that vibe, it was love. And then to know they had talent!? Awesome.
Credits: Kpopsubs, Secret4four, Wnel100410041, pan2cute, RyouxE, Codemonmonseason3, Vagabond190 @YT