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Okay this is the last of my updates because I have to go beat someone up for being stupid. (ok, you know I’m not for real, but I’m really gonna give someone a piece of my mind for being stupid) So because I’m in a rush, I’m gonna do something I hate and copy and paste… >.> Thanks to AKP!

Alcoholics Shi Dae…?

So after the >>Golden Disk Awards<<, this is how SNSD and Super Junior celebrated

SM Entertainment groups Super Junior and Girls’ Generation / SNSD, who recently collaborated for Seoul Song got together recently and celebrated after a successful evening for both parties at the 2009 Golden Disk Awards. Super Junior won the award for Disk Daesang while SNSD won the award for Digital Daesang.

After the award show, the two groups took off their makeup, wore casual clothing and showed up at a Korean BBQ Galbee 2 story restaurant in the Gangnam district of Seoul. About 50 total people showed up and they reserved the whole 2nd floor to themselves. There was a lot of crying and hugging between the two groups as they showed a brother-sister type bond at the late-night meal celebration.

Usually there would be a lot of alcohol with soju, beer, and wine served for such an occasion, but because of the combination of the Kangin incident, under-aged members, and Super Junior having to get ready for a concert in Naning, China on December 12th, they decided to do cheers with regular soda drinks instead. The total bill for the food totaled around $1400. SM representative Kim Young Min along with TVXQ member Yunho also joined in on the festivities and congratulated both groups. Fans of both groups waited until 3AM at the entrance of the restaurant to get a glimpse of their idols. Because of the dedication shown by these fans, some Super Junior members went out to greet them, give handshakes, and autographs.

So speaking of GDA… Let’s look at some PDA! 😀 thanks to Aien unni!

I like how Jessi always holds hands with everyone else but interlocks her fingers with Tiff heheh

Credit: Aienbest09 @YT