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KARA‘s leader and maknae (Gyuri and Jiyoung) appeared on Leeteuk and Eunhyuk‘s radio show not too long ago and this is what happened…

NOTE: Gyuri was born in 1988 along with Wonder GirlsYoobin and solo artist, Younha. Taeyeon was born in 1989. In Korea, if you’re born the same year, you easily call them a friend while everyone else born in a different year is a dongsaeng (lil sis/bro) or unni/oppa/hyung/noona in which you gotta give more respect to.

LOL I don’t know why, Taeyeon seems like such a creeper hahaha but it’s funny! I thought it was cute. I’d pull something like that too, to be sneaky of course.

But yay, more Girl Group Love! I always like it when WG, KARA, SNSD, and the other girl groups show love for each other 🙂

Credit: SweetMelodix2 @YT