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If you’re like me, you most likely haven’t seen the Sang Sang Plus episode from December 8th because the whole episode wasn’t subbed. But that’s okay, here’s what you haven’t added to your (useless) knowledge of SNSD!


 You would think after earing the KPSD title as Lady, no one would ignore Tiffany… but that’s not the case.

Ever since Invincible Youth maintained popularity and the two SNSD representatives (Yuri and Sunny) continue to receive more love, Tiffany has been feeling a bit out of the spotlight. But her jealousy is not over fans but over…other girl groups?

On Sang Sang Plus, Tiffany said
Once, I yelled at Yuri. Not too long ago, we were together in the dressing room (for MBC Music Core) and Yuri came in with the G7 members following her. The G7 girls from Invincible Youth came and I thought she’d introduce me to her new friends but Yuri didn’t and she just talked to them all herself, leaving me out. I got so jealous that I said hello to them really loudly and went back to reading my lines.

Kim Shin Young, the comedian member of G7 also stated in that episode,
SNSD’s dorm is not well-kept despite their image. Their clothes are in mountainous piles on the floor. Their CDs are stacked up high, it looks like a factory.

SNSD KPSD takes care of their bidnezz?! I love how they just keep adding fuel to my fire…