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[UPDATED with promotional video under the cut]

Yes, here comes the day where SM Entertainment released official SNSD (and DBSK) trading cards (or in their words, “Star Collection Cards”). They sell the cards in 5 packs set and 15 packs set, wherein each pack has 5 cards. The 5 packs set priced at 10,000 KRW (about $9) and the 15 packs set priced at 30,000 KRW. Pre-orders for the cards is available at >>G-market<<, while the official release will be on December 21st, 2009.


As seen from the picture(s), there will be cards with new sport-themed photoshoot; and of course there are cards with pictures from Girls’ Generation, Baby Baby, Gee, and Genie photoshoots. Take a look at the G-market page screen-caps below.



UPDATE: Promotional Video

cr; gianbok

Hmm. Would you buy the trading cards? As for me, all I can say is..

good job sm

Good job, SM, good job. Soon I'll be a poor, very poor, fan-girl.

Sigh. The cards might be not that expensive, but the shipping cost will be ;______;

cr: bossa747, Chinchinhu@twitter