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cr: prot0530

SO CUTE! I think I like this better than the previous one. 😛

Here’s the BTS video of the CF.

cr: prot0530

I love the scene where they sit on the car roof 😀
But too bad there’s only eight of them on that scene. Based on the  BTS video above, it seems like Sunny Bunny is the one missing. The ending with the  loooong orange scarf is so adorable too. Wait. Sunny is nowhere to be found in that scene either D: D: D:

Ugh. It sucks that Sunny was half-missing from this CF. I want my OT9!!! 😦
The shortie is quite busy these days, if not the busiest member of all nine. She’s now a regular in three shows, KBS Invincible Youth, regular guest (?) in KBS Star Golden Bell and host for  MTV the M. Well, at least she’s kinda getting more attention from her IY and SGB guest appearances. 🙂

I’m not sure if this has been shared before, but here’s a cut from her recent SGB episode.
cr: toebeast