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Edit: JEyon: I found a song that doesn’t have “I love you” in it :p

Meh, I don’t really like coffee unless it’s decaffinated (don’t need to get addicted to harmful things!) so I get tea. But I don’t really like Starbucks, I like Teavana… mmm Teavana…

Remember these days?

Well they’re coming back!  Damn, if I were SooYoung, I might’ve pushed Hyoyeon all the way down to the floor, even if we were already on top of the stairs… I mean, it’s Park Ji Heon of V.O.S.… *cries* but he’s married! I like how they automatically call Jessi an ahjumma, they probably already know about her so they don’t bother to pay attention :p On the other hand, Jessica doesn’t care about what they know, she’s more worried whether or not she looks old lol

Okay, back on topic: Five members of SNSD volunteered to work at Starbucks on November 19th. >>Jessica,<< Tiffany, SooYoung, Seobaby, and Hyoyeon  worked to raise money for a children’s charity at the Starbucks cafe and even walked around to promote their cause. SNSD “loves dem keeds!” and worked from 10:00 to 17:00, a seven hour shift! Because of their popularity, their fans supported their cause and they were able to raise tons of money for the organization. I’m sure the fans didn’t mind the 30-60 minute wait for their cup of crack freshness!
Anyway, I was just informed that MBC filmed the girls at work and will air the edited parts on November 30th, two days from now. I wonder how this will compare to the Mnet‘s Il Il Cafe (Charity Cafe Event) thing that SNSD did with Olympic swimmer, Park Tae Hwan on January 05, 2008… Oh well, we’ll find out shortly.

Now it’s time for my favorite part~ I get to share some V.O.S., wheee!

Here they are on ChinChin with TaeYeon 🙂

Theme song for Daniel Henney‘s suuuuppper >>sad movie, Father.<<

WOOO!! SeeYa+V.O.S.! Most importantly, Boram and Ji Heon (the two on the left) ❤

I wonder where the hell they are… I know that Park Ji Heon was too busy making a baby and living his married life *cries some more*, Kim Kyung Rok made a single and an album earlier this year, and Choi Hyeon Jun last year was >>busy making some Rain some good music<< for once. Supposedly they’re due for a comeback soon now that they’ve left Empire Entertainment… But makes me wonder why they were on Chinchin on 2009603…

Anyway, a few SNSD members (especially SooYoung) have big crusheson V.O.S. The trio is pretty close/cool with the girls cuz they’d sing their songs in different shows or talk about the girls. They even made a parody of one of their own songs (I forget which one) but changed the lyrics to make fun of TaeYeon‘s height! Too bad Youtube took them all down >:[ Below is a cut from a very funny segment off of SNSD’s show, Factory Girl Mobsta Girl. If I had found the whole clip, you could reminice on SooRi fangirling LOL