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Well not really, but a night or two ago, Taeyeon‘s ChinChin Radio released After School Slut<3‘s new song, Neo Ddaemoone/Because of You.

Problem is, Pledis Entertainment is saying that MBC Radio (more specifically, MBC ChinChin Radio) had absolutely no right to release the song just yet and is blaming them for leaking it. They say the song was leaked when they aired it because people were able to rip the song and then distribute it [illegally]. Although that often happens (duh,it’s the 21st century), Pledis is upset because MBC allegedly released it ahead of time. So bottom line is, Pledis is upset that it wasn’t the right timing.

However, MBC is pointing the blame on Pledis Entertainment! Here’s what they had to say, thanks to Heartfacee @AKP:

The song had completed its review procedures so we didn’t pre-release it. It was already approved. People said Chin Chin has done this before. That is not true. They (other companies) apologized for their previous incidents and released corrections on false reports.”

MBC continued, “It takes many meetings and discussions to talk through and approve a new song. The broadcasting station meets with the company of the singer and discusses the air date of a song and whether or not they have the right to broadcast it. That’s how we decide our rights of airing a song. For this specific song, we went through and finished all the discussions. We checked with the company and after that, we aired it.

MBC then stated, Legally, the song has been approved. Because of that, we had the right to air the song. We understand that different companies have different ways of promoting. But we can not look out for each company and producer’s daily promotion plans.

Finally MBC finished it off by saying, “After School’s company has been criticizing us and it’s only now that we feel like we are being blamed for nothing. We are taking on the bad side of this situation when we didn’t try or do anything wrong.”

Hmm… so MBC wants an apology from Pledis Entertainment for accusing them of not sticking to their agreement. This probably explains the reason why ASS didn’t perform at MBC Music Core last night even though they already made their comeback at KBS Music Bank.

Oh well, all I can do about this now is… Share ASS love! Before there was 4MINUTE, before there was 2NE1, there was ASS and their Boob Grabbin’ Rappin’ Twinz.

>>Debut w/ Butt bounce + Under leg crawl<<

Synchronized floor dancing = hot.

After School’s concept is to switch members in and out. They’ve already had one “graduate” and since their debut, they’ve had three new girls. Seriously, ASS is probably the only group that’s actually good at what they do and doesn’t let their eye candy in the way of that. All members of ASS are tall, I think the shortest one is 170CM, and they ALL have great bodies. Trust me, abs and butts, and boobs, and no guts.