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When you’re in trouble, when you’re too weak, when you just don’t have the skills- who do you call?

The Don. And her team lol

 KARA, 2PM, and SG Wannabe cry out for help

This is sorta old but now that CodeMonMon‘s channel got deleted AGAIN, (s)he made another one and modified this old video, adding the ending. Glad it was reuploaded hehe.

Speaking of SG Wannabe… hehe it’s time to share! I’ve been quite in love with their latest (6th) album. They’re the male version and the makers of SeeYa (a female trio I’m always showing off here lol). Like SeeYa, they lost their leader (due to a ‘scandal’ but I won’t elaborate on that cuz you probably don’t care haha) and gained someone awesome (not that Dongha was bad).

If you watched Yoona and Kwon Sang Woo‘s drama, Cinderella Man (crap, I still gotta write a review post…), then you would have heard this song often:

But now that I’ve brought it up… if you have the chance to watch a drama, watch this. Don’t watch that silly Boys Over Flowers drama. I’m telling you right now, even the OST for Cinderella Man was better than the Boys Over Flowers drama, nevermind its crappy acting and 2 OSTs. So don’t listen to Cindy, listen to me! Plus, you’ll be supporting the wonderful and famous cast, and our very own Yoona. I’ll tell you right now, I did not watch this drama for Yoona (sorry!) so I’m not being biased. Just watch it :p

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