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I found more clips of other singers singing SNSD songs on the fun norae/kareoke challenge, 1000 Song Challenge~ These clips were cut by CodeMonMonSeason5 from the November 22nd airing 🙂

Watch as Minkyeong (of Davichi) sings Taeyeon‘s Manyage

1. Day by Day(by Tashannie)
2. If…(by TaeYeon(SNSD))

3. For Couples Just Begun(by Lee Won-Jin)
4. I Believe (by Shin Seung-Hun)
5. Cold(by Lee Ki-Chan)

And here’s Key singing Gee!

1. One’s way back (by Naul)
2. Gee (by Girls Generation(SNSD))
3. Ggoong ddari shabara (by Clon)