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Beside being known as one of the best left-handed pitchers in Korea, KIA Tigers’  Yang Hyun Jung is also known as Taeyeon’s fanboy. When the girls are performing at KIA Concert couple days ago, he was being hospitalized due to cold. Of course that didn’t stop him from watching the celebration concert. He actually sneaked out from the hospital, rode the ambulance, went to the concert, and then got busted by the coach. 😀

Yang Hyun Jung

Even though he didn’t get to meet the girls Taeyeon personally because the girls headed back to Seoul right away after the concert ended, he said he’s happy enough to watch the girls’ live performance. Aww, isn’t he such a fanboy or what?

Previously, after KIA Tigers officially won the 2009 season he said, “Team’s winning is all thanks to SNSD’s Taeyeon”. Yang Hyun Jung said that the team’s as well as his excellent performance this season was because of SNSD’s Taeyeon.

Taeng's message

Taengoo's message

He said that he had been a SNSD Taeyeon fan since a long time ago, and in April, he had received Taeyeon’s signature through a sports reporter.

Yang Hyun Jung said “Although I wish to get the signatures of all the members, I received Taeyeon’s signature before a match” and “She wrote a message for me with the signature wishing to see a 10 victory”.

He also said that “Taeyeon’s message gave me strength for the season, with 12 victories and 5 loses, and an average of 3.15 points for this season. It is my best season since I debut” as well as “I want to thank SNSD Taeyeon.”


Unlike Yang Hyun Jung, a fan got to see the girls after the KIA Concert. The lucky fan saw them stopping at a rest area.

“… Then when I parked my car I saw the girls getting off the van. They were wearing something looking like pajamas and they covered themselves with blankets. Taengoo was wearing a cute skirt. I took out my Genie album to get ready to get autographs. They went wandering about the place covered in those blankets it was too cute I was dying you guys would die too if you saw that! kekekeke Then they went into a restaurant but I didn’t follow them because I wanted to let them relax they must be tired. But saw Taengoo eating ramyun it’s just too cute kekeke. Seohyun Yuri stayed in the van and didn’t come out. The girls bought some chocolate pistachio ice cream from the shop and I watched Taengoo eat the ice cream akkkk kekekeke. I said hello to Sica and she answered me... then by the van Sica climbed on the van hood then started to horse around rocking it! I thought only kkab yul did that kekekeke Hyoyeon was sitting on a bench so I went to her and said hello, I asked her why Sunny was missing and she said Sunny had a schedule. The manager soon came and interfered and told me I could only get one autograph so I got one from Taengoo. The manager was very watchful, only few people there got autographs”

LOL. Why every SNSD fan accounts always have Jessica being… random adorable and the managers being scary ~overprotective~?


credits: silis7noy2@soompi, bossa747@twitter, wenfany@soshified