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Yes, believe it! On December 19th and 20th, SNSD will hold their first solo concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium (where past “Dream Concerts” were held).

This will mark the beginning of their Asia tour as they will head to Shanghai (China) and Bangkok (Thailand) after.

With the announcement of their very first Asia tour solo concert, SNSD stated:

“We are so happy and excited to perform for our fans through our very first solo concert. We will practice hard and try our very best to put on a memorable and charismatic performance.”

source: johnnydorama@allkpop

Pretty epic news, don’t you agree? The girls finally get to have their own concert. If only they held a solo concert in America, I would SO BE THERE! But yesh, to those lucky s♥nes who will be attending, I hope you guys have fun. I’m guessing the girls will be singing most of their song from their first album at the concert. There better be fancams or even better, DVDs released! I would love to see them perform “Tinkerbell”, “Into The New World (Remix Ver.)”, and “Ooh La La” (Recall the episode of Star Golden Bell when Jessica said she “died of embarrassment”  from dancing to the  song’s cheoregraphy? I wanna see the girls dance to it again, the part when they pretend to ride on a  horse).