It’s time for the annual Golden Disk Awards! It’s going to be held on December 10th, where they’ve been noimnated for Digital Bonsang and YEPP Popularity Award.

Here’s some more info from silis7noy about the voting and catergories.

Golden Disk Awards, the voting war begins!

Dont worry the girls are nominated for Goldie Daesang. The terms used by Golden Disk Award are confusing people. The “Bonsang” nominees on homepage are all eligible for Daesangs. Here’s rundown:

Albums from 2008 Dec 1 to 2009 Nov 30 are considered

Disk Daesang : Girls are not eligible for this since only full albums are eligible. So it was good that 2nd album didnt get released this Nov, otherwise the 2nd album gets nominated here and Gee won’t be eligible for Digital Daesang. This year disk award will be a battle between SJ , GD

Digital Music Source Daesang: Essentially this is the “Song of the year” award. Gee is up for this award(Genie too actually). Obviously Gee is the favorite to win.

Digital Music Source Bonsang: There will be 5 winners for this “2nd place” award. And either Gee or Genie will probably win this one too.

Yepp Popularity: There will be 2 winners chosen. SONEs will be voting like crazy for SNSD to win this one too.

The winners will be determined by looking at digital/album sales appropriately plus evaluation by judges. Fan voting will also count, probably around 20%, but for Yepp popularity the votes will count more. The voting will start today and it’s not free and I don’t think international fans can participate. The Goldie voting has always been a fierce fanclub war and this year be no different. Let’s go SONEs!