Looks like this beef hasn’t technically been resolved yet.

For this year’s MAMA awards, all SM artists will not be attending. Reason being? Rigged/unfair voting. SM representatives had stated that the MAMA criteria for determining winners was too similar to M!Coutdown.

What’s wrong with M!Countdown’s voting? Well, when Gee was out, SNSD placed #1 for nine weeks straight for Music Bank and not a single number 1 for M!Countdown. Also, MNet is requiring all their voters to pay 3,000W. SM believes that this restricts fans from excessive voting and rigging the results. (Well personally, I don’t agree with SM’s reasoning here. Sure paying is complete bull, but SM should’ve used a different reason, for example, not all fans can afford to pay to vote for their artists or are unable to vote thus making the poll biased. Something like that. lol I’ve learned something in stat class.)

Inwoo’s artists shall be joining SM to this boycott. What does Mnet have to say? Their voting progress is completely fair and award shows are supposed to be fun events. Plus, the money will be spent on music related programs.


Well fans, don’t get too angry/sad. It’s really just MAMA. We got Golden Disk and personally I find that a much greater event. Plus, everyone knows this janx is rigged. 😛 Sall good.