I just want to thanks silis7noy @ soompi for writing this all up into one post for the fans and I shall just c/p it over so I don’t accidentally re-type something wrong 🙂 And because its super long. But yeah, interesting read, check it out!

Let’s recap some rumors to get an idea of girls’ upcoming activity

– 2nd Album rumors
First there was a rumor of release in early November. Girls themselves said several times that it’s coming “soon”. Then there was a rumor of a delay. Then the latest one is that the 2nd album won’t be released this year. On Chinchin Taeyeon said something interesting couple days after that rumor: “… pretty soon, we’ll be getting some (unexpected) time off…”
The rumor that choreography practice has started, and that jacket cover was already shot could be true since that is independent of the release date. And again Taeyeon mentioned of finishing mysterious photoshoots on Chinchin.
Also there’s rumor that there will be more non-SM and foreign composers this time. On Chinchin Tae said they are experimenting with more variety of genres this time.

– SNSD Concert
Basically the rumor is that SM’s plan is to have one after the 2nd album activity. So if the rumors are true the concert wont happen until early spring next year.

– Overseas activity
Japan is being rumored, it also relates to the Japan photobook rumor, with the Japan trip also intended to prepare for Japanese promotional goods. The rumor says overseas activity will begin after the SNSD concert and won’t be a full migration like csjh, dbsk. But were the girls really in Japan earlier this week? Nothing’s been confirmed. There just have been some unconfirmed sightings in Tokyo but no pics, and the girls did seem to be missing those days (e.g. Chinchin was all prerecorded for those days)

– Others
Yuri’s drama rumor, the remake of Dragon Zakura, playing a significant role, shooting from Nov to Feb. However even the rumor says she is in negotiation and casting is not finalized yet. As for Yoona SM supposedly has halted her acting activities until next year. Then there’s that rumor of an interesting snsd item to be sold, something to turn fans into kids. It is something never done with Korean girl idols before. Some say cards? And there are several rumors of some more CFs. Rumor of MBC reviving their end of year Daesang show, maybe other stations too – it’s a rumor but I think the stations are certainly considering it since girl groups gave them mucho ratings boost this year. If true people can ditch that good-for-nothing mnet award show whatever it’s called

The rumors above are from the supposedly-an-sm-employee leaker or other sources with some credibility. There are confusing stories behind these rumors and leakers, I have just compiled the most relevant ones. The following rumors are from less credible sources
* The rumors with list of 2nd Album tracks
* snsd upcoming plans will hinge on f(x)
* 2nd album concepts
* the 4 member unit rumor

I’ll just type this stuff too since its short, girls had a concert in Choongnam today. Voting for Golden Disk should start soon.

ALSO ALSO. I know above it says Japan wasnt confirmed yet but now it has been. The girls were in Japan for a week or so.