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Chocolate Chocolate? *edit* new songs added to the bottom!

Alright you lucky bums, at first I was going to be lazy and just post these in reply to >>here<< but then I thought these pictures are too awesome to be stuck in the bottom of a post.

Also, just a heads up, there will be no f(9) music video. Instead, there will be two seperate releases with the same song, only the song will be in different genres. SNSD’s MV version will be more cute and angelic while f(x) will continue their european electronic dance music concept. Also f(x)’s version will have an extra part in which Amber will rap.

So sorry for bringing bad news to those who were looking forward to f(9) and I’m sorry about the relative lateness of the news and pics >.<.

I’m not going to compare the pics, because I like both :)! F(x) photo reminded me of SonDambi+AfterSchool’s cellphone MV, while SNSD’s dresses reminds me of their baby baby days. So nothing new but I’m definitely looking forward to the SONG and MV!f(x)
Thanks allkpop and affxtion, for the pics and updates!


And the songs are out! Uh I agree with janeberryblue below, the two songs sound pretty much similar.  I liked f(x) backgroundmusic more than SNSD’s. I’m still kind of skeptical about the song but I’m sure it’ll grow on me. Thanks anneth021 for the speedy uploads!

SNSD version:

f(x) version: