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If someone asks who are the girls, I’ll laugh really hard.

Obviously I’m talking about the girls from SNSD and f(x) :D!

So while these girls are endorsing their cells, LG got some of them to promote their LG World Cup 2009, which is a competition to see who sms the fastest using their cellphones. These isn’t a small pea contest as there’s over 14 countries involved, but ofcourse no Canada and USA… *BUT* the winners of each of those country will go on to compete in USA so… MAYBE LG will send the girls over to US as special performing guest :)? One can dream!

Hwaiting Clip feat. Yoona, Seobaby, Yuri, HyoYeon, Sunny, Victoria, Luna, Sulli, Amber, and Krystal.

YoonA Texting:

Seohyun’s Message:

Seohyun Texting:

Sunny Texting:

Yuri’s Message:

Yuri Texting:

HyoYeon Texting:

Thanks Kpopisamazingg, protonic9, and minminalway @ youtube for the videos.

Makes me wonder what Tae and Fany are doing these days… not only because of LG promotions but also most of the cheosuks featured the other girls. Actually Tae has chinchin and maybe Fany is in recovery mode still? Hmm…

Here’s some Fany and Tae clips that I found hasn’t been posted before…

Gawibawibo with Tiffany! (Tiffany *kiss* and the kiddy voice says “Ewww”! I laughed so hard at that part)

Tae Fancam – Genie perf

VideoCredits: protonic9 and galio9071988 @ youtube