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Yep, Tiffany’s back on Music Core to MC with her lover Yul 🙂

F(X) on a whiteboard..hahahahh. Amber’s part was kind of cut in there <3Just seeing YulTi takin’ the stage as MCs together again is a happy sight, not only because it’s YulTi and they’re mad cute, but also shows Tiffany’s throat is gettin’ bettuhh! 

More videos under the cut!

Remember the girls getting a new commercial job as posted here
Making of the Ramyun CF (Man I want me some spicy Ramyun right now. And Kimbap. Oh god, bring back Kfest.)

No background music, just Tae singing Sarangingulyo live at ChinChin. Beautiful.

If You Return (just a really short clip, but no complaints. That voice of hers.)

credits for all videos; protonic9