Today in Korea is the 20th (well 21st for Koreans) birthday of Hyoyeon! No matter how tough the journey gets, just remember you got 8 other girls by your side who will stick by you no matter what and of course, us. The fans. Tear it up tonight girl, it’s yo birthdayyy! 😀 We hope you have a blast!

I feel like I write such repetitive birthday posts each year that it just gets boring…so let’s make it more interactive this year. Feel free to leave a comment responding to the questions or just make your own statement!

1. What makes Hyoyeon so special in your eyes?
2. What is your favorite Hyo moment?
3. Further comments?

To answer the question, the thing about Hyoyeon that makes her so special in my eyes is the fact that she’s got that kinda sassy attitude in her and the power she brings out in her personality whenever she dances. Then off stage, she’s just so hilarious and chill.  As for my favorite Hyo moments…I’d have to say it was on Intimate Note. Girl just stole the show for me with her hilarious antics. I hope she continues to be more open with the camera and show her inner personality because thats what we love best. 

And as always, we look forward to your future successes, whether it be with SNSD or solo. 🙂