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So I was reading this article on SM members’w/last name Choi, in allkpop by lilchoiboy18 (Coincidently another Choi) and I thought it was really interesting. He reported about the tallest members in each SM group…

Tallest Members in:
Super Junior: Choi Siwon at 183 cm
SNSD / Girl’s Generation: Choi Sooyoung 169-170 cm
SHINee: Choi Minho ~181 cm
TVXQ / DBSK: Choi Kang Chang Min ~186 cm
f(x): Choi Sulli Unknown height, but it has been confirmed that she is taller than Victoria\

Any one see the pattern? If not, I hope the bolded names helped. Could just be coincident… or not? With FIVE groups. I think it just MIGHT be some funny SM gimmick.

On another note, do you think any of these Choi’s are related?

Pic Credits to: sneeze. @ soshified & 允儿DE天使 @snsdchina