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SNSD‘s Yoona will be advertising for a high end cosmetic line by Amore Pacific.

Amore Pacific is South Korea’s largest cosmetic line that many top models and actresses have worked for and hundreds of aspiring models aim for. Yoona will be working for the Innisfree line in which she will star in commercials and photoshoots for magazine, posters, and most likely billboards as well. So if you’re in Korea, I hope you won’t get tired of seeing her in your local mall!

Yoona shot her commercial and photoshoots in Korea’s vacation hot spot, Jeju Island. Below are pictures and an interview/making of the campaign.

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3

They say she was choosen as the new face for Innisfree because of her pure, clean, and clear face. Umm… has anyone seen Yoona’s real face- you know, pictures from when she was a young child to the days of her trainee years? I mean… girl looks like she has make up on when she doesn’t! So because of that, is it even fair to advertise cosmetics on a girl with a near perfect face and still say it was with the help of the cosmetic brand?

Natalie sayz trufax.

Credit: Protonic9, Communitychannel (ComChan) @YT