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Oh Tiffany, you know I love you right? But your English…

Gackt, why are you such a talented, smart, and sexy man? Tiffany, you know I always get on you about your English lol so I just couldn’t help but drool over Gackt speaking in Korean and bust out in a laugh when you started to speak in English. It’s okay, I still love you<3 Hyoyeon‘s becoming more and more enthusiastic and “out there” when she’s on camera and I’m very happy to see that. Sooyoung‘s Japanese was a bit slow, but I like to think it’s because she was as mesmorized as I was with Gackt’s Korean~

Can’t wait to see the performances from last night’s Asian Music Festival!

Looks like theyve been hiding Taes new bangs in braids

Looks like they've been hiding Tae's new bangs in braids

Credits: galio9071988 @YT, Pictures @AKP