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For the September 19th episode of SBSStar King, Don Jessi and Lady Tiff demonstrate the daily work out sessions all their men must undergo to stay in shape. No one said the life of the rich was done without hard work! If you want to fight your way to the top, you’re going to need some hardcore training!

I wonder why they don’t just use body bars… Eight or nine pounds should work just fine for someone Jessica’s size.

Anyway, you may wonder sometimes why the Don trained the longest and hardest those seven years and what exactly she did. Well wonder no more!

XD I actually haven’t even seen these…

I’m glad Tiffany was voted best thighs and not one of the girls with super skinny ones. Though I would have voted Yuri because she seems to have more muscle or am I not staring hard enough at Tiff’s? And in case you were wondering who exactly shapes these wonderful and ass kicking bodies- Muscle Men, Song Min Suk and Kim Soo Chang have! I’m surprised Hyoyeon didn’t join them… maybe her trainings were just too top secret and brutal that it couldn’t be shown on TV.

Supposedly Jessica killed the S-line fad and made a new one, the X-line. LOL oh Korea, you crack me up<3 I wanna try that aerobic work out Tiffany was doing and show it to my class… It looks liek a lot of fun but I wonder if my shins will look like someone’s been taking a bat and beating them XD Jessica’s work out looks like they took a classic and modified it and I’m glad. Doing 100 reps of squats the same way gets boring, I’m going to switch mine up and see how those new ones are. I’m glad they showed some work outs that centers more towards the legs cuz I don’t think my arms can handle anything anymore D:

haha oh Yuri, you’re so cute. Looks like someone needs to work on their balance or maybe she was just holding the stick wrong. Either way, Yuri, Hyeryeong, and Boom definitely added some fun to this work out. I hope this encourages whoever watches a more healthier lifestyle! It’s important!

But don’t you just love P.E.? I wish I could teach them some aerobics… And why did they not show the girls stretching before working out?! Shame on you, SBS! That’s bad for their muscles!

Credit: Codemonmonseason4 @YT