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Yesterday SNSD were coming back to the stage after the quick vacation they got earlier. The girls performed five of their songs (Way to Go, Etude, Gee, TMYW, and Girls’ Generation) on the U-Plex Super Concert at Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

Wearing the navy uniform, all nine were present but seems like Tiffany still had to lipsync her parts. Her voice sounds much better, if not already normal, in the introduction though. Well, I guess it’s great that they decided to let Tiffany rest her voice for the sake of fast recovery [As for Music Core, Tiffany will be replaced by Jessica for this week Update: turned out Tiffany will be there too… YAY for YulTiSic!]Get well soon, Fany Fany Tiffany!

Despite the fact Tiffany is not born to lipsync, the performances are great (with few cute choreography blunders ^^). Plus it looks like the girls were having a real blast in this concert, especially as seen in the encore session where they performed Girls’ Generation.

Way to Go (Himnae)

Etude (+ talks)


Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

[Encore] Girls’ Generation

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