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What a kkangpae, I tell ya.

Okay, fine, she didn’t actually kick the dogs… but you can’t deny that those long legs wouldn’t miss if the canines were any closer!

Here’s more of the MBC NoDaJi (“Rich Man”) Sooyoung cuts:

That girl on Sooyoung and Hyeryeong‘s team with the Ssandara Sandara-like bun looks like the chick from Cinderella Man… anyone wanna confirm? And jeebs, I think Sooyoung is taller than Eunhyuk! I laughed when Sooyoung had to show off her sneaky tumbling skillz. You learn that janx on the streets! But I pretty much stopped there so I don’t knwo if the rest is good or not lol. Enjoy!

Credit: Protonic9 @YT

P.S. HOLY SHIZ, anyone catch Manber >>rapping to Tupac<< last night?