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Before I show you the goods, I want to show you something from the makers of >>4KOMA comic<< and talk briefly about the series. The 4KOMA series involves today’s four biggest Kpop girl groups and were not made in a short period of time… so keep in mind hair changes and certain inside jokes that you may not be able to understand. The artist is not being negligent, he or she is just keeping up with the current look each time the girls change styles and is also trying to keep up with the latest news or tidbits so it may be hard to keep up. Hopefully it won’t be that hard to figure the small things out because it’s really what makes the series great 😀

Okay, so here’s the other thing I wanted to show you…

"Hubby Club"


Sorry Yuri, Jessica baby is with Tiff~

Man, isn’t Girl Group Love just great? Ah, I miss Sunghee (and the Sunghee x Gyuri couple). SungRi was like my JeNy back in the day.

Video Credit: Aienbest @YT

Comic Credit: hadesshadez + Icetsu