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YES IT’S OUT! Sorry, I’m busy watching it myself atm, so NO COMMENTS. I felt like I should post this up ASAP since nobody has done it yet… wouldn’t want to deprive you of the performances! Enjoy the videos for now courtesys of the super duper codemonmonseason2 @ youtube! Thank you! We really appreciated the fast HQ uploads of our girls!

WARNING: This following post contains SNSD’s performances of Adagio Cantabile, (Jazzed and Rocked) Gee, TMYW Genie, Womanizer, Hollaback girl, My love/4myPeople/Laarbasses, and also includes an interview feat. SNSD, so you may suffer from SNSDitis as you experience too much awesomeness from 9 special girls in 1 show.

Part 1 : Adagio Cantabile / Jazz Gee / Rock Gee
Maknae Seobaby opens the show for SNSD by playing a beatiful piano piece, then smoothly trans to playing the jazzed up version of Gee and singing her solo, with Tiffany, Jessica, Sunny, and YoonA continuing on, and lastly all the girls coming out and sang a rock version of Gee. Highlight: Jazzed up Gee and and Seobaby’s piano playing + singing her molla molla part LIVE!

Part 2 : Tell Me Your Wish(Genie)
Highlights: Chocolate, put it back ooon! And yes fanboys, the girls starts the perf by stripping taking off their jackets. (Did I just totally convince them to go check out this part of the show? Well psh, they should be checking out ALL the parts!)

Part 3 : Interview #1
Korean Korean Korean TT_TT. Highlights: YoonA and Yuri shows their fangirls side for Shinee by dancing a part to Juliette while Soo and Hyo dances to some funky song. The dance looked like a mixed up version of parapara and chicken dance. Sunny scared the crap out of me with her last aegyo part (YES I got scared. I wonder how that girl manages to have overdose of scary cuteness!? -shudders- Looks like TaeYeon had the same thoughts as me!). And this isn’t a high light, but that man and woman with masks on both have VERY annoying voices.

Part 3 : Interview #2
AND OH MY GOD that woman is Seohyun’s MOM!? I should have known! No wonder Seo was getting teary… I think she knew? Even tho I was so intrigued by Seobaby’s mom and the girls reactions, I fastforwarded to check if that man in the mask was one of our girl’s dad… uh nope. Everything was so.. precious. One look at Tiffany’s face and all those previous stories of her running through my head made me want to cry. Maria posted a subbed version of that part, and watching that made me even more empathic with Tiffany. And I just hate/love how they played back the hugs and tears with Dear Mom playing in the back ground, that was NOT helping my “dried” eyes and stuffed nose condition, but yes the music really added to the emotions so that made that part of the show even more real and heartful.

Part 5 : Womanizer (TaeYeon, Tiffany, SooYoung, SeoHyun)
Womanizer Womanizer!! Holy crap, they made it really dark and sexy. Was it just Tiffany and Taeyeon, all 4 girls, or mostly Britney Spears vocals? For Soo and Seo’s “part”, it didn’t sound like them at all. And I thought I heard alot of Brit, but that MAY have been Tiffany, I’m not too sure, but for the parts that I was sure of Tiffany: she sounded so SMEXY.

Part 6 : Hollaback Girl (Jessica, Sunny, Yuri, YoonA)
Sorry Team Womanizer, but I think Team Hollaback Girl owned you! Taking away the tiny mistake from Sica (1:33) and overly bounciness of Sunny, I think this performance was the best dance of the night! Hothothot! I like how we could hear the girls (ESP JESSICA) clearly, and their dance was something different than we usually see. Yuri’s sexy glares definitely added to her dance perf. YoonA and Sunny (minus the bounces) did good (ofcourse!). And Jessica… wow seriously, that girl is smoking hot and she can DANCE. She definitely stole the show. During 1:15 when Sica and Sunny were floor dancing, I cracked up so hard because Sica was checking out herself out!? And as I rewatch that little part, it definitely showed how strong of a dancer is Sica. Look at how relaxed she is and she’s not jerking herself to get the moves. This video is going to be on replay for atleast another 100 times.

Part 7 : My Love / 4 My People / Laarbasses
HyoYeon’s popping solo definitely lived up the previous dances. It was smooth, hard, and precise. Then the duo and trio danced, then we had the group! I’m sorry, but this last perf was kind of messy. Some of the girls just got the dance and some didn’t. But I enjoyed watching Jessica and HyoYeon, and I like how the camera panned Tiffany even though she didn’t really get all the moves (usually they zoom away from her).

And that’s all folks! What did you think :P!?