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*Fancams added & news regarding Tiffany’s absence

I really love their ‘Boyfriend’ performance on music bank, but it’s way too short.  Only a minute long :[ Not satisfied at all lol.

Interview with Jessica and Maknae prior to the good-bye stage.


credits: Codemonmonseason2@Youtube

& Now fancams :]

(Late) I just realized Tiffany wasn’t in the performance.

credits: joyceeishungee9@Youtube


Regarding Tiffany’s absence, a few are saying that she’s sick (w/ a sore throat?), some saying she’s attending her sister’s wedding, and most are saying that she went back to the states.

..she has to go back to LA for her grandfather’s funeral and has to sing there

source: missJauhar@Soshified

=/ If the funeral is really true, I wish her family and her the best & to stay strong. There’s also a rumor that she’ll make it back for Music Core tomorrow, but it’s just a rumor.