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Edit: Yeah, ignore this post… turns out Boss Lady Cindy already wrote about it. Sorry~

There was an unexpected turnout of applications to Don Jess‘s side >>army<< of men.

Right now its... KKANGPAE SHIDAE~

Right now it's... KKANGPAE SHIDAE~

A shocking 210,000 people who wanted to apply for Jessica’s Kkangpae army caused her server to crash.

Okay fineeeee, I’ll write about SNSD because I don’t want the Don to get caught. Anyway, the group of nine put up some sort of fanmeeting ‘date’ which 210,000 fans tried to sign up for at the same time. With such congestion, the server’s  homepage for the Incheon World City Festival crashed. The website then went offline…

Daum titled the fanmeeting announcement as ‘A Date With SNSD for a Day’ and fans went crazy, causing too many connections. The committee of course apologized with a smile as they realized that because of SNSD, their festival was a success!

Maybe they realized that misleading titles work… Because we all know that over the years in the places I’ve worked for… they definitely work XD (Sorry DBSK fans!)

It brings a tear to my eye to see that there are so many willing to put their lives on the line to work for the Don ;_: