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So the boys of 2PM (hehhe <3) and Shinee came together on Star Goldenbell to vote for which female idol they considered to be the best. Yoona had won this round! When asked why, the manly hottie Taecyeon who voted for her answered that she was a beauty. Woah wait what? Not that I don’t agree..but didn’t Taec admit that he really liked Yuri? And as Maria said, he was SO sweet to Sunny on Idol Army. Who’s next 😉

Meanwhile Junho said that he liked Yoona because she wasn’t afraid to be herself..aka a dork 😛 And after winning this little title, Yoona did an imitation of An Youngmi from Teacher Kang of the Dressing Room.

After that the ladies of snsd and Kara chose Taec (good choice ladies) and Onew. Seungyeon jokingly said that Taec was a sexy beast idol.

This idol filled episode will air on the 15th! Be on the lookout 🙂