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No, I’m not talking about those twins…And yes, I know I’ve talked about >>Key and Jessica<< being long lost twins and >>Minho and Yuri<< as long lost siblings in more than one occasion… But I’ve found more relatives in the so called ‘SM Family‘!

In a video I found a few months ago but kept pushing back to share, I came across Tiffany‘s long lost twin! See if you can find her 🙂

Is it one twin or two; triplets?

When I first saw the video, I said to myself, “Oh, there’s Tiffany! Aww with Hyoyeon! And with…Tiffany again!…?”

After I took a snapshot of the video for this post, I took a look at Hyoyeon and I don’t know what is wrong with my eyes, but then I started to think to myself, “Hmmm, Hyoyeon looks like the other two too…Triplets?!”

That can’t be! Everyone knows the triplets of SNSD are Seobaby, Yoona, and Yuri! Gah, and just when you thought ‘SM’s Family Affairs’ meant Sunny and Lee Soo Man… Maybe it’s time to get glasses?

Anyway, anyone know who the other girl is? I want to say the real Tiffany is on the right. But who knows, maybe I’ve finally accepted the stereotype that “all Asians look alike”. I hope not. Because that would mean I look like the Bos–

I want to believe it’s >>Stella Kim<< or maybe another trainee who along with Stella, didn’t make it into SNSD. If I remember correctly, there were 13 or 15 girls trainees being tested for Soo Man’s 2007 girl group. Well, I know for a fact that it’s not Lee Yeonhee (who is now a well-made SM actress and model who SooYoung worked with in a movie).

Credits: Parkjan123 @YT