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If you don’t know by now, Sunmi of the Wonder Girls is a big fan of SNSD‘s Taeyeon. We’ve written multiple posts about the Wonder Girls and their >>relationship with SNSD<< as well as Sunmi’s fangirling love for the leader. And just when you think you’d never hear about the two entities again…

In a recent video by an Allkpop representative in California on August 3rd,the members of the Wonder Girls were interviewed and asked many questions especially on music and people they enjoy; are fans of. In the middle of the interview, Sunmi showed her love for SNSD in the cutest way ever by dancing to Tell Me Your Wish Genie. The eldest and rapper of the five, Yoobin, mentioned once again how Sunmi is always listening to SNSD. She most likely gets tired of her dongsaeng’s constant love for their ‘rival group’ as she shut her up quickly by selling her out to Taeyeon– ’cause we all know how tight they are with all this >>girl group love.<<

4D love anyone? Ha, the way Yoobin was like “Ha okay…” killed me.

I really do wish that the Wonder Girls were back in Korea and competing in this epic ‘battle’ of girl groups. Who knows, maybe they would have participated in the recent SBS Inkigayo >>Girl Talk<< that all the other girl groups did 😦

Thanks for my good friend Novaforever and Allkpop for the tip and Arc for the picture!

………..THIS JUST IN. It’s 13:50 right now and I just found out that Melody and Miyavi are married and are due to have a baby?! I just found out!!!! Man, I thought I was behind on Kpop news scoops… I’m definitely, completely, and most definitely out of the loop in Jpop news. Man, that is gonna be one hot baby.