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…OMG! Just when you think I can’t make anymore >>references outside of  SNSD<< that relate to SNSD…

Anyway, I had a long day today but when I finally had time to relax from coming home, I decided to catch up a beat on 2PM and 2AM and I’m so happy I did!

Remember Taeyeon‘s second solo song, Can You Hear Me for the Beethoven Virus drama? Well turns out on August 10th, Jokwon of 2AM sang it on Park Kyung Lim‘s Byul Bam Radio show (Starry Night Radio).

Just in case you didn’t know, Jokwon is one of the most ‘charismatic’ male entertainers for the latest boy groups. He’s pretty up there with the other charismatic male entertainers such as DBSK‘s Jaejoong and Super Junior‘s Heechul and Yesung. Coincidentally, Jokwon is constantly added to the project groups that do covers of Wonder Girls and SNSD’s songs from time to time along with other famous boys of male groups. Also, Jokwon once mentioned that he liked SNSD more than Wonder Girls xD sorta like how Heechul said he likes Wonder Girls more than SNSD :p

And now it’s time for me to whore out (which I totally love to do teehee) my favorite 2AM performances~ MMmmmm Ballads! NOTE: Try to get to at least the last two beccause it goes back to 2AM+SNSD (and some 2PM).

^ Maknae Jinwoon messes up and so does 2PM’s Jaebom xD Talk about getting Lost.

^ Better performance where hottie Seulong‘s chest almost pops out and Changmin‘s face…<3

^ Singing 8eight‘s song (these two groups are close!)

^ Remember Taeyeon’s friend, Joo she sang with so that Joo could rebuild her image? She’s still alive!

^ My first radio show with 2AM, it’s the same one that they appeared in with SNSD and KARA (look at Yoona act the song out XD)

^ Changmin and Jokwon with Yuri and Sunny…I hope someone subbed this radio show!

^ This was from Yoon Gun’s Dreamy Radio, I think, on July 31st. The guests were Taecyeon, Wooyoung and 2AM’s Changmin and Seulong, you might’ve seen some pics already. So they played the girls’ song and started talking about them, saying who their faves were or something to that extent. Seulong said Seohyun, Wooyoung said Taeyeon (mentioning her voice), Changmin said Yuri, and Taec just said he liked all of them. So they kinda pushed him a bit but he still said he liked all of them, so they pushed him some more, Changmin said something which I didn’t understand, in the end, he gave in and finally answered, “Yuri-yang”.
– explanation by Tama Mama @JPHIP

OMG! And Tama Mama told me she didn’t know why all these rumors of Taecyeon and Yuri were springing up out of nowhere lately…

Forgive my lack of professionality in the beginning. It’s 5:40 AM right now :p Merrr, probably should sleep. Have to volunteer and I’m gonna go shopping….

Credits: ohdanggitscathyy, yanaftwtwo, lemonlove9, 2AM,  LilAznPrideLadee, minifunfetti, lllmilll @YT