I’m just gonna do a summary of what I read and thanks to Soy for the info and Qrizta @ soompi for quoting it.

So what the hell does Jess mean when she brings in this hot piece of ass man’s name?

So basically, a fan called into UFO Radio yesterday and it was playing SNSD voice clips and Jess and Sooyoung’s clips were playing that day. Sooyoung was just talking about different blood types and how it matches each of the members so well (if you guys want to read into that, I’ll quote Soy at the bottom and you can read it). But then it gets to Yuri’s personality and Soo says something along the lines of “But Yuri’s got a great personality, this blood test isnt right about her” 

And then it was Jess’s turn..and lemme tell you, I was so freakin’ shocked to read this since we all know that this girl…well she aint the most active of sorts.So we all know that Jess played soccer back then right? I, for sure, was one of the fans to question did she really play or did she just….play? Well during her radio clip, girl went on to brag about how beast she was at the sport. Said she was an ace at it. But since you get injured a lot, SM made her stop playing and made a whole big fuss about it, but..she continued playing. Really, how typical of this girl to defy the rules! hehe. She goes on to say how she wants to split snsd into two soccer teams (if you do I will so freakin be there. I’ll be the referee) but the members aren’t into the whole thing. Jess says “what is this? All you have to do is run around with a ball, its good exercise.”

So..LOL at active Jess. I love it. Girl, hit me up whenever, lets play some futbol! 
And then we can throw a soccer party…you know what goes down at those parties. 🙂

Here’s Soy’s words

ROFL So eemo was bored today and decided to call into UFO Radio, I guess today was Jessica + Sooyoung haha as voice clips. The other day she heard Hyoyeon. Sooyoung basically just talked about bloodtypes. She said the O type blood description matches Tiffany, Taeyeon, and her well because they laugh loudly. A type blood is Seohyun and it matches her because she’s quiet and gentle. B has Sunny, Yoona, and Sica with unique personalities. But then she gets to Yuri and goes “but … Yuri has a good personality… what is this? This blood type thing isn’t right!” Then Jessica just bragged on for minutes about how great at soccer. She said “I was the ace at soccer. But you know what happens when you play soccer? You get injured like on your face and stuff. So the company really wanted me to stop playing. They made a big deal about it. But I played it anyways.” Then she says “Shoot it like Beckham” rofl…she’s so cute! ROFL And then she continues on about how great she is … rofl and then says that SNSD has 9 members and she wants to split everyone up into 2 teams to play against each other but unfortunately no one cares about soccer but her. She’s like “but these kids are so not interested. What is this? All you do is run around with a ball, it’s good exercise. What’s so hard about that”. I wish we could rip these audios and sub them haha the girls are so cute.