Ehh…okay maybe not Greys, more like Scrubs probably? Anyway, the preview for ep 7 of Hello Baby has been released and the girls are seen playing doctor with each other! Oh the things I could say about this….but I shan’t. 

credits; prot0980 

Speaking of Greys..for all those die hard fans out there like me, I don’t think I can wait another minute for season 6. Shoot me now, I might just have to rewatch season 5 when it comes out on dvd to satisfy my craving for it D: For all those who are debating whether or not they should watch this show, trust me…its so worth it. I’ve gotten countless numbers of people hooked on to the show, Maria for one. (yes maria..i purposely picked a picture with army guy in it. so not liking him still..id cross george out too if i wasn’t lazy to edit. )


Classic moments.