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Guess which SNSD member is being hugged!

I’m pretty sure that’s Nicole (from KARA) hugging Hyoyeon šŸ™‚ hehe

If you’re a KARA or SNSD fan you should know that >>both groups are pretty close<< with each other, especially Nicole with most of SNSD. Check out the messages two KARA members left for some of our SNSD girls in their >>second album<< (just released on the 30th).

“… completely precious Hyoyeon unnie & completely adorable Sunny unnie, thank you for taking good care of me. Tall and innocent Seohyun! Real good friend Key (Kibum)! Let’s hwaiting together!.”

“88 line Younha, Yoobin, Taeyeon, Hyoyeonee, Tiffany…everyone thank you and I love you”


Hehehe, I’m surprised Gyuri didn’t mention Sunmi when she fought over her with Sunghee so much. And Nicole, you didn’t mention your Tiffany unni??? That’s odd…

The KARA girls mentioned SNSD girls in their first mini album (not so sure about the second mini album) so I think it’s cute that they mention SNSD girls, Wonder Girls, and Younha ā¤

Here are my favorite KARA videos, starting with my favorite song from the album:

Last nights >>Music Core<<

(Yay, they used Secret Heart in the beginning!)

Oh, and here’s their very first comeback performance on Music Bank where I was very impressed because usually, comeback performances aren’t done so well.

Ag, I’m gonna go broke with all this Kpop… Man, I think I might actually dive back into the KARA fandom because I was so impressed with this second album. I totally love their first one with the original KARA members (First Blooming). Ohnoez, being a fangirl is so time consuming!

Credit: Zoolander @JPHIP

Video Credits: dianira19733, CodeMonMonSeason2 @YT