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I’m leaving.

Okay, only for a few days…but I won’t be updating a whole lot or any at all… I’ve pretty much been rushing all my posts these past few weeks. I don’t even have time to update myself on SNSD (I don’t watch anything anymore, not even the things I post) let alone deal with the stuff I gotta deal with. So I’ll be gone for a days… I’ll pop in maybe for the anniversary post (can’t leave the Boss Lady by herself!). I should be back to regular schedule sometime during the 9th. Maybe. We’ll see. Oh, so that means that you still won’t be getting those two posts I’ve been meaning to write… by then one of them will be old news and the other… will be even older. OH WELL, it’s SNSD. You’ll like it.

Either way, I hope you guys enjoyed the YoonYul brought to you by Aienbest!

Take care everyone! Make sure to keep yourself updated with SNSDKOREAN and continue to spread the love!