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We all know that SooYoung‘s had some singing activites in Japan, way back in the day when she was still under 5’5″ and she wasn’t so talkative.

Well, turns out she’s still got a Japanese fan!

On SNSD‘s first appearance on the hit show since their comeback, a Japanese man named Yamaguchi, made it to SBS Star King with one wish: to marry a Korean woman.

“Korean woman pretty, please marry me. I want to follow the singer Kim Jung Min who married a Japanese woman, so I ate wasabi and practiced my singing.

Sooyoung politely replied with honorfics, “I’m sorry” although the bubble that the show added on her (curious) expression was “How many carrots is it…?” HA. Well, the man didn’t stop there and went to 2PM‘s resident pretty face, Nickhun.

And check out this other clip!

Credits: Dorky010 + Sharoncry @YT