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Edit 2: I THOUGHT I had updated with Aienbest’s HD version before I went to bed… Sorry about that. HD goodness is now added!

I love the SHINee boys, despite their comeback look… so mad props to them for being able to score this hot dance with SNSD. I’m glad to see Onew survived >>HyoYeon’s thighs,<< I’m sure she had him fighting for air šŸ˜‰ My sister things Minho is a lucky dog for being partnered with Yuri, but what about Jonghyun! A boy will never be under Jessica like that ever again- it’s like one of those chance of a life-time sort of things! Hahah, just love it when >>girls are on top!<< But hmmm, I guess they couldn’t have Key and Jessica together because it’d just be >>incestual<< wouldn’t it?

Anyway, I’m really glad that Sooyoung was a part of this. Everyone always considers the only dancers of SNSD to be HyoYeon, Yuri, and Yoona.

This is just a taste of the great things to come at Music Core later! Make sure to watch for SNSDKOREAN’S post later on today for more of the performances. Soofany, I presume? XD

Thanks for the the tip, Pooltides!