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All righty, to add on to Maria’s >>post<< feat. SHINEE’s + SNSD’s HOT dance break, here’s the Genie + Naeng Myeon performance cut, short choir group insert, and MC cuts + an article on MyungCaDrive’s success at MuCore!

(Credits: snsdchina + ~linhchi15~ @ soshified)

Two thumbs up for Yuri and Fany today :), except I still think bangs are better for Fany. Loving the overalls, made me think about Mario and Luigi (haha). The only negative thing about them today is that they should have sang Naeng Myeon longer!

The dance cut was amazing. JYP/Cube entertainment should look at this. THIS is what a COLLABORATED dance break should be, where artists not only share the stage but interact. (If you have no clue what I’m talking about, go back and look at the overly anticipated 4minutes+2PM dance break from a while back).

The performance was okay, the only comment I can really think of thats extraordinary enough to post here is: Wheres the hats? I bet all the fans stole them and kept them as souveniers.

As for Cold Noodles? It was a bundle of laugh (in a good way!). I’m sorry Jessica, you were definitely the cute and talented singer up there but my eyes were on Park Myung Soo… it’s not that he’s hot but he’s sooo stiff and hilarious to watch. God, I’m actually addicted to this song now, warning warning!

Genie Performance (feat. Shinee!!)

7 of the girls (-Yuri&Fany) singing “Show Show Show” with several other artists.

(VideoCredit: Kpoplive @ youtube)

MC Cuts:

Jessica’s+ Park Myung Soo’s Naeng Myeon Performance Cut

(All the above Videos (-1) Credits: Codemonmonseason2 @ youtube)


Lastly but not least, an article translated by jreddevil07 @ soshified:

The MyungCaDrive duet, which has gained great popularity after MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge – Olympic Song Festival,’ performed ‘Naengmyun’ on MBC’s ‘Music Core.’ The prerecorded performance by comedian Park Myungsoo and SNSD’s Jessica received lots of cheers.

Park Myungsoo and Jessica’s prerecorded performance took place at MBC’s ‘Music Core’, located in Ilsan, Kyungki, during the morning of the 25th. Hundreds of fans were present, making the scene resemble a small concert.

Park Myungsoo’s performance this time was surprising for two reasons. First, he was too tense to correctly perform the song’s choreography on ‘Infinity Challenge,’ but he was much better at dancing this time. Second, he lip-synched on ‘Infinity Challenge,’ but at this performance he sang the entire song live. Recently, Park Myungsoo’s health has not been good due to hepatitis and jaundice, but his passionate performance caused fans to cheer.

Park Myungsoo and Jessica’s ‘Naengmyun’ will be broadcast on MBC’s ‘Music Core’ in the afternoon of the 25th.

Source: http://www.sosiz.net/info_data/4712507


Ohh so apparently Park Myung Soo is sick? But sick or not sick, I think he’s doing pretty well!