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^Super Generation to perform at 2009 Asia Song Festival with Major Idols/Artists.

I am impressed with this years selected artists, esp the chinese ones O_O. If you have cantobackground, you’d know just how AMAZING the Four Heavenly Kings are. SNSD and SuJu to be performing along side them… what an HONOUR for Super Generation. Li Yu Chun is performing also?! Double wow!

Rumor is that 2 more artist(s) from Korea and a very high level Asian artist will be added. I can’t wait! I think it’ll probably be someone outside of SM entertainment (well obviously). I can’t wait to find out who they are! Read the following article for more detailed information!

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Groups Super Junior and So Nyuh Shi Dae are the Korean representatives for the “2009 Asia Song Festival” where the top stars from 9 countries take the stage together.

Super Junior and So Nyuh Shi Dae will be attending the upcoming 2009 Asia Song Festival which will be held on September 19th at the Seoul SangAm-Dong World Cup Stadium.

The 2009 Asia Song Festival will be the 6th concert of its kind. It started in 2004 with 9 teams from 7 countries and grew to 22 of the top singing teams from 12 countries last year.

This time around 15 top teams from 9 countries including Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Thailand will be participating, heating up the autumn night in SangAm.

Super Junior and So Nyuh Shi Dae aside, Japan’s popular male soloist, Gackt, as well as, Mihimaru GT, the singers of hit song Kibun Jōjō, have confirmed their attendance. China’s representative will be the winner of last years MTV Asia Awards Chinese Singer Award Li Yuchun. Taiwan’s popular male singer Luo Zhi Xiang, Hong Kong’s popular “Four Heavenly Kings”, and Thailand’s 5 member idol group Chaotic will be attending as well.

In addition, Vietnam’s super model contest winner, popular singer/actress Ho Ngoc Ha, and Indonesia’s Britney Spears, Agnes Monica will be representing each’s country. Ukraine’s beloved singer/democracy advocate (ex-representative/senator), Ruslana, who successfully led the orange revolution, will be attending as well.

The 2009 Asia Song Festival will be aired in 30 countries including the US as well as countries in Europe.

Meanwhile, additional participants in the 2009 Asia Song Festival will be announced in the middle of August. It is predicted that an additional 2 top teams from Korea and a very high level Asian team will be added.

credit: aseo @ soshified forums
source: http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=20…1&outlink=1

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Excited! Just so you know, the Four Heavenly Kings is consist of Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung, and Leon Lai (the photo at the top is in this name order). They are AMAZING and LEGENDARY. They emerged in early 1990s, and even though they don’t perform as a group often, each are BATHED in success. Go wiki them up since I dont want to drone on and on.

Only extra comment is that Leon Lai is the boss of one of top artists in Hong Kong: Janice M. Vidal / Janice Wei / Wei Lan. Janice debuted in 2005 and emerged victorious and amazingly successful for a newbie for 2 years until her big break. To be honest, ever since her new come back, her popularity is still high but the lack of funds from her company is very obvious. With a handicap like that, she’s losing out to a lot of the richer artists out there. I just hope she works harder and makes better MVs for her next canto album ><! OH yeah if you haven’t figured out by now, I’m a huge Janice fan :P!

And Li YuChun is the winner of season 2 Super Girls, an American Idol type show in China. She is amazing! All winners of Super Girls are very influencial. So influencial that the goverment started worrying. The show was banned after the third season as the government was SCARED of democracy. But it picked back up this year for who knows what reason… I didnt bother watching this year so I have no clue :P!

Now to end my post, here’s a few of Janice’s english songs. She always includes 1 or 2 in her albums, and just this month she released a full english album titled: Morning. The album is amazingly refreshing for the HK Music Scene, the only problem I had with the songs is that some of them had crap lyrics.

Rookie Song: Never Let You Go (by the way the mouth isn’t matching because someone dubbed the video of the chinese version to the english version)

Do You Know Where You’re Going to


Pretty – Crappiest title ever, but I love this song. It’s my favourite out of her new english album.

(Video Credits: HelleeyNguyen @ youtube)