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I bring to you more of Korea’s >>ass-backward-ness<< in this post. Yay!

On the 22nd, the boys of >>Oppa Band<< were guests on MBC Radio Star where MC Kim Gura asked Sungmin what his relationship with SNSD really was, particularly, Sunny, SooYoung, and Tiffany. Sungmin had to continually emphasize that he’s only close friends with the girls. The guys of Oppa Band had been teasing Sungmin whenever he mentioned Tiffany or quarrelled with her through a friendly manner on the second episode of her guest appearance. MC Gura then proceeded with blatantly asking, “Are you dating Sunny?” This of course was brought on through the fact that Sungmin had previously hosted a radio show with Sooyoung at first, then later replaced by Sunny on ChunJi Radio.

Sungmin explained that he only got closer to the two girls when they worked together. MC Gura continued with “But Lee Sooman (Sunny’s uncle) wanted to know if you’re dating!” However, Trax member, Jungmo, didn’t let it end there. He  revealed, “Sungmin gets along very well with only SooYoung and Sunny from SNSD. Sungmin even taught Sunny how to play the guitar”, hinting that they were probably more than just colleagues.

So us SNSD and SM Ent. fans are no stranger to anti-fans and netizens forming rumors (and actually believing them) about girls “sleeping” or dating boys within the company. Most of them fail to see that the Copulas heads of the company would never allow interoffice relationships (take for example lil Lee BoRam and Chae DongHa) because hell, they don’t even allow them to date people outside of the company. Well, unless you’re old enough like DBSK and have been in the company for so long that they encourage dating.

I almost feel sorry for girls in SM Entertainment, getting the shorter end of the stick. More specifically, SNSD and BoA. It’s not surprise that SNSD is rarely seen with other boys or can talk freely about males closer to their age. Why? Because SM Entertainment has most likely decided that it’s best for the girls to be secluded from everyone else so that rumors and jealousy don’t spark up again. But even with that being done, you can’t help it if the media also wants to add into this whole ridiculous cycle of rumors.

Artists under JYP Entertainment, for example Jokwon of 2AM and SunYe of the Wonder Girls, are really good friends. In fact, they trained together for quite some time; they share a lot of skin-ship and say good things about each other. YET, no one seems to say one bad thing about it. Yeah, netizens may throw out a few dating rumors, but nothing that would hurt anyone’s feelings. Most of all, no death threats or anything insulting. And the media never makes a big deal out of it.

>>HMM, this reminds me of something.<<