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(Edit: added fancam at the bottom, thanks miyuki_@12 for the tip and zippomaru1 @ youtube for the vid!)

Yep, sounds like those crazy soccer fans during half time at the Manchester United vs FC Seoul game! As you all know from Maria’s earlier >>Son Dambi post<<, Ms. Sexy Son Dambi and SNSD were to perform for the opening and half time of the game.


While unfortunately for Son Dambi who didn’t get any TV time as they were focused on the intros and gametalks in the beginning, our lucky girls managed to snag some time on the TV during Etude and you can see how excited everyone looked! Ofcourse, it could have been that it was because Korea was ahead of the game at that point, but still!


This performance was major as the audience count was over 64,000 people at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. I’m so impressed with our girls professionalism and neatworks of the small stage! Not to mention they’re still donning my favourite outfits (and sorry I MUST mention: Fany has adorable hairstyle again, nono not the mushroom one, but the mini wavy that looks 100x better than the giant wave one).

Also added now is the fancam, and boy, I sure am once again blown away at how together they are. Hmmm, so for now, I’ll stop depriving you of the clips, here you go! Much thanks to allkpop’s ghostwriter for the news and youtube’s yuriyuri1111 for the TV clip!

TV Cut:


I’ll bet Fany was happy, the SNSD TV time started when her first solo started. But just a FYI, that first picture was edited by me, obviously I drew the hearts… but we all know Fany was radiating love to her fans anyways -winks-!