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Well, I was hoping someone else would post up MuBank because I waited up till 3amish and watched the final segment, and was so dissappointed I just went to bed. I forgot that sharing is caring =P! And honestly, rewatching the clip today, I learned that SNSD shows much better sportsmanship than me!

Performance Clip: I loveeee these outfits, they are sooo hot! Paired with pink heels? Someone needs to dump cold water on the crowd! The vocals honestly isn’t their best, but still very good in my standards!

End of MuBank Clip: SNSD lost by 7 points, if I were in Korea, they would get those 7 points mygirls T_T! I’m kind of sad, because I don’t think SNSD has a shot at triple crowning at inkigayo… but who knows, sigh hopehope. Notice how sincerely happy our girls look when they announced 2NE1’s win and they all bowed to 2NE1. Actually, the camera caught a bit of Hyo’s face, I think she was expecting them to win, then looked really surprised, but pulled back amazingly fast on the “congrats” face.

(VideoCredits: codemonmonseason2)

7 damn points:
(PicCredit: Samlet @ Allkpop)
Request: Can someone please translate the ^above pic and tell me what each catagory is? I swear I’ll never ask again and refer back to this post XD if I ever forget again.



Analysis: Okay so I’m not making excuses for why our girls lost, I’m here to explain what I think are the reasons. I am not here to bash (I honestly do like both groups). I’ve just reread what I wrote down there, and none of the comments should be even considered bashing. So please no threats thank you!
1). Downloads: 2NE1’s song is newer, so there is more downloads count for them.
2). Song Genre: Obviously 2NE1’s song is more mainstream while SNSD’s song is fresh to the Korea scene, and Korea does not look like its about to let go of these hook songs yet.
3). Cute > Sexy: In Korea, the cutsy groups always do better. Many people claim that 2NE1 is very new and different group, but right after their debut song Fire, hey look! It’s back to the cutsy route! They incorporate a lot of cute moves for ‘I Don’t Care.’ While SNSD did abandon their successfully cute route and performing a very different style that can’t beat Cutsy in Korean Music Industry: sexy. The MV they did incoporate a bit of cuteness, but really in the performance the only cute part I can think of is the high five part before Hyo’s dance solo.
4). SM/YG Fans: How could I not mention you guys!? Antis spreads like a level 1 forest fire as soon as they gets a WHIFF of their idol hugging another. Seriously, what is with SM fans sometimes -_-?! We need to be a little bit more open minded about our SNSD Shinee SuJu and DBSK! On the other hand, in YG, we can actually see the company encouraging Big Bang to majorly supporting these girls and their fans alike. So the bottomline is,  I’m pretty sure SNSD is backed up by mostly Sones while 2NE1 are not only backed up by SNSD’s anti-fans, but their own fans PLUS VIPs (Big Bang’s Fanclub).

Let’s hope next week our girls come back on top. No pressure Korean Sones 😀 just try your best for me SNSD!